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Liberty Mutual spent $300,000 to help the BIAW get I-1082 on the ballot

The BIAW’s most important partner in this scheme to date has been Liberty Mutual, which poured $300,000 into the I-1082 campaign coffers on June 11th. Not many businesses can afford to write $300,000 checks, but Liberty Mutual, based in Boston, Massachusetts, can. It’s one of America’s biggest insurers. And it would like to become even bigger and wealthier at our expense. All that’s standing in the way is our public industrial insurance system. A few hundred thousand dollars is peanuts to Liberty Mutual when it potentially stands to gain millions. Liberty Mutual’s 2008 revenue was $28.9 billion.

Corporate Profile

  • Company Type: Privately owned subsidiary of the Liberty Mutual Group
  • Contribution Address: PO Box 1525 Dover, NH 03821
  • Chief Executive: Edmund F. Kelly
  • 2010 1st Quarter Revenue: $8.2 billion
  • 2010 1st Quarter Net Profit: $313 million