Campaign Links

NO on 1053 … Uphold Our Constitution: Initiative 1053 is Tim Eyman’s latest attempt to wreck government, funded by out-of-state corporations like BP, ConocoPhillips, Shell, Tesoro, Bank of America, USBank, and Wells Fargo, who want  to change the basic rules our Legislature has operated by since statehood so they can preserve their special tax breaks. Under Initiative 1053, seventeen out of one hundred and forty seven lawmakers can block any revenue-raising bill that they don’t like. Initiative 1053 is an assault on our cherished tradition of majority rule — the bedrock principle of our democracy. It would effectively give a fringe minority the ability to veto important fiscal decisions.

NO on 1107… Stop Cuts to Education & Healthcare: Don’t let the American Beverage Association buy a special tax break for themselves while harming Washington families. Out-of-state special interest groups are at it again  — threatening our state’s economic recovery with Initiative 1107. If passed, the initiative would cost hundreds of millions in lost revenue over the next two years, and would lead to further deep cuts to important state services including Basic Health and K-12 education programs.

NO on I-1082… Don’t Let the Wall Street Insurance Giants Stick It to Washington: We are a growing coalition of working families, small businesses and community leaders who oppose Initiative 1082. We care about growing jobs and our economy. For many businesses, this measure would actually add insurance costs at a time when we can least afford it. Privatizing our state workers’ compensation would hand the system over to corporate interests. Big insurance companies such as AIG don’t care about protecting workers — they care about lining their pockets with profits.

NO on I-1100/I-1105… Protect Our Communities: We are a coalition of Washington individuals and organizations that choose to stand up to big business and to stand up for our families and local businesses by opposing Initiative 1100 and 1105. These two ill-conceived initiatives, backed by special interests and big corporations, would privatize hard liquor sales in Washington State, and put our jobs, safety net, public safety and even our children at risk. We are dedicated to educating Washington voters about the harm that 1100 and 1105 will cause to every level of our communities.