StopGreed.org is a Permanent Defense campaign dedicated to exposing the corporate fronts trying to make a quick buck by conning the people of Washington State into voting for ill-conceived initiatives that would weaken or privatize public services.

(Permanent Defense, founded in February 2002, is itself a project of the Northwest Progressive Institute. Permanent Defense’s mission is to safeguard our common wealth, protecting Washington from harmful right wing initiatives.)

The inspiration for StopGreed came about in June 2010 when the team at NPI was reviewing the latest PDC reports. We were unnerved to see a massive influx of (mostly) out-of-state contributions, which explained why so many initiatives were being hawked at ferry terminals, big-box store entrances, transit stops, and community celebrations.

We have seen campaigns funded by corporations and orchestrated by corporate operatives before, but never so many at one time. It was alarming to realize that most of the initiatives headed for our ballots this autumn were each bought and paid for by merely one or two corporations trying to profit at the expense of Washington’s families.

Wanton, unchecked greed brought about the current recession that we’re facing, and now threatens to prolong and worsen it.

If we change our laws as these corporations are urging us to, our state’s budget deficit will go up, living wage jobs will be lost, and majority rule will be sabotaged again.

Under that scenario, the corporations win. We collectively all lose.

But we don’t have to do what these powerful corporations want us to do. We can stop greed in its tracks by rejecting their schemes.

This fall, when you get your ballot, vote….

  • NO on I-1053
  • NO on I-1082
  • NO on I-1107
  • NO on I-1100
  • NO on I-1105

… because Washington is NOT for sale!