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Today marks the end of the 2010 initiative season. As anyone who was out and about in June probably noticed, hired mercenary petitioners have been everywhere, hawking petitions for a grand total of five corporate-funded initiatives.

They are I-1053, I-1082, I-1107, I-1100, and I-1105.

These nefarious schemes – along with one good initiative, I-1098 – will appear on our November ballots. There’s a common thread running through each of these corporate initiatives: They’re all about greed.

At a time when many families are hurting, and public services are being eviscerated by declining tax revenue, some of our nation’s wealthiest and most powerful corporations have decided to try to get ahead by tricking us into changing our laws so they can maximize profits. The list is long, and getting longer.

ConocoPhillips. Tesoro. The American Beverage Association (a front for Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Dr Pepper/Snapple). Costco. Odom and Young’s Market Company. All of these corporations want to fatten their bottom lines at our collective expense. If their initiatives pass, they’ll be richer and we the people of Washington State will be poorer.

It’s hard to convince people to vote for a ballot measure that hurts the public interest. That’s why these corporations have developed fronts to use in their campaigns. For instance, “Citizens” for Responsible Spending. “Modernize” Washington. “Save our Jobs” Washington. Washington “Citizens” for Liquor Reform.

These are the names of their campaign committees. Once you take a peek behind the curtain, however, it becomes evident there are no citizens involved. More than seventy five percent of the funding for each of these initiatives came directly from corporate bank accounts. Some lobbyists have written individual checks.

This website exists to shine sunlight on the murky backroom politics that produced these corporate initiatives, so the people of Washington can see what’s really going on.

Our objective is to put voters in the driver’s seat, so Washingtonians can make an informed decision. We believe the only moral decision is to vote NO on these corporate initiatives, and stop greed in its tracks. These corporations don’t want you to think before you vote.

We, on the other hand, urge you to do just that. Examine the evidence for yourself. Follow the money. Ask tough questions. We think you’ll agree: These initiatives do not benefit the public interest.